Introductive Course – Emotionally Focused Therapy

Introductory – Couples therapy focuses on emotions

How to create relationships and connections correct attachment

COURSE credited with 14 LOANS BY ROMANIA College of Psychologists

November 2 to 3, 10-18, Bucharest
November 7 to 8, 10-18, Timisoara
For the second time in Romania, Psychotherapist Judith Kellner, New York, USA, collaborator dr. Susan Johnson comes at the invitation of the Center ISIS to take an introductory course of two days about couples therapy centered on emotions.

The course addresses both advanced therapists and those at the beginning and students who want to come into contact with this type of therapy.

Why participate? Because here:

1. Teach: Introductory elements of couple therapy, the fastest spreading worldwide

2. you extend: the new science of knowledge about intimate relationships.

3. Start: your own process to become certified EFT therapist

course program

First day:

– Therapy attachment and emotion nature;

– The 3 stages and the 9 steps the map centered on emotions Therapy (EFT);

– Description and implementation of interventions EFT

The next day:

– Ways to deep emotions during therapy in order to use them to establish better relations with the partner;

– “Ego therapist” (self of the therapist) and its impact on therapy.

IMPORTANT! Besides the theoretical part, this workshop will include video excerpts of EFT sessions, live demonstrations and experimental exercises.


– 450 lei; 350 lei for Early Birds (registrations until 15 September)

– 350 lei for students.

Entries shall be made by sending an email to (PhD. Simona Herb) or filling in application forms below.