About Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)


Emotionally focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is a short-term (8-20 sessions), structured therapeutic approach that has been developed ever since the 80’s; its roots lie in the science of adult attachment and its purpose is to expand the understanding of what happens within and in-between the members of a couple, thus guiding therapists in the process of recreating a safe connection within the couple.

Advantages of EFT:

  • EFT is based on clear and explicit conceptualizations regarding adult love and marital stress. These conceptualizations are fully supported by empirical research on marital stress and adult attachment;
  • EFT is a collaborative, humanistic, non-judgemental approach;
  • Interventions and strategies for change are specific and clear. There is a clear map with 9 steps as stages of treatment and 3 major change events;
  • EFT has various kinds of application problems and diverse populations.

Goals in EFT:

  • To expand and reorganize important emotional responses  – music of the attachment dance;
  • To create a change in the positions of interaction partners usually adopt and initiate new interactions;
  • To support the creation of a secure connection between the two partners.

For more information –  www.iceeft.com

Dr. Sue JOHNSON is the primary developer of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), which has demonstrated its effectiveness in over 25 years of consistent peer-reviewed clinical research. Originating from Canada, Dr. Johnson received her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of British Columbia in 1984. She is:

Dr. Sue JOHNSON’s best known professional books that delineate the principles, interventions, stages and steps in EFT include:

Recognition for the sustained efforts of  Dr. Sue Johnson came this year when she was awarded the Order of Canada, Highest Civilian Honor. Established in 1967 the Order of Canada recognizes Canadians who have given dedication and service to their community and country.

We, the Romanian EFT community, acknowledge Susan Johnson for her vast contributions to the field of Marriage and Family Therapy and to couples across the world through her development of EFT. Without her influence we would all be poorer. Thank you, Sue !