Group supervision


Distance group supervision – online

This internet based consultation group

 is an online Emotionally Focused Therpay consultation group where we systematically unpack the steps and stages by viewing and reviewing EFT training tapes. We discuss the tapes, your questions and responses and liken them to your work. You can take part in discussion about the process and the interventions represented in that stage/step.

This format provides an in-depth deconstruction of the EFT framework so you can more deeply integrate, practice, and develop the skills necessary for success using the model. So you can know what to do, when to do it, and why.

Psychotherapist Ph.D Simona Herb has begun her training to become a EFT therapist in 2010, in USA, following the whole process with trainers such as Rebecca Jorgensen and Judith Kellner. She is currently the only accredited Romanian TRAINER IN TRAINING, SUPERVISOR AND THERAPIST practicing this approach, leading the EFT Community in Romania (over 150 other Romanian therapists have begun their EFT training in the last 2 years).

Simona uses an online secure meeting room through a platform called Adobe Connect Pro. In such a meeting room, you can chat (write), talk (voice), upload different content and record. The “meeting room” is easy to use, and we’ll help you figure it out! Plus, Adobe Connect Pro has very good technical support. Click Here to test your connection and see if you’re set to use this meeting room.

Can’t make a session, no problem. The consultation sessions are recorded and available for you to review between sessions in a secure online meeting room. Whether you have to miss a meeting or just want to review, you can benefit from having access to the replay.

There are two ongoing groups. You’re welcome to join ! Register at

Costs: 125 ron/ month / 2 sessions.