Externship – step 1 in Emotionally focused Therapy training

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Date(s) - 19/03/2015 - 22/03/2015
All Day

Academia Evanghelică Transilvania


For the first time in Romania, Psychotherapist Rebecca Jorgensen, New York, SUA, Dr. Susan Johnson’s collaborator, comes to Romania, invited by ISIS, in order to hold a 4-days, intensive course, step 1 towards getting trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy. The event is organized in collaboration with Institutul de Terapie Familială și Practică Sistemică Areopagus  from Timișoara. The training is addressed to all therapists that desire to deepen knowledge and skills regarding specific techniques in relation to main concepts within the Emotionally focused therapeutic approach. THE COURSE IS AS WELL AUTHORIZED BY THE ROMANIAN PSYCHOLOGY COLLEGIATE. CONDESCENDING CREDITS ARE AWARDED UPON COMPLETION OF THE COURSE.

Why shoud you attend ? Because you:
  1. Will deepen knowledge regarding techniques specific to Emotionally focused therapy;
  2. Will thus start the process of becoming a certified EFT therapist.
Course schedule
Day 1

General introduction to couples therapy – related research, issued and existing models; Research regarding attachment relations;
General introduction to the EFT model:
– research results
– systemic and experiential concepts
Attachment theory in adult relations

Steps in the EFT specific change process
– Theory
– Case studies and exercises
Video tapes exemplifying the change EFT induces; Discussion regarding the EFT stages and elements producing the therapeutic change

Day 2

Attending a live session (1); Discussions regarding the case and offering feedback to the couple that attended the live session; Analysis regarding the therapeutic intervention; Introduction to preliminary assessment in EFT and Stage 1; EFT contraindications; Stages in preliminary assessment; Questions and specific intervention to stage 1; Building the therapeutic alliance; Steps in stage 1; Video tapes of a session and discussions regarding it; Exercises to apply therapeutic interventions based on the video tape

Day 3

Introduction to intervention and stage II: the withdrawer re-engagement and the pursuer softening
The logics behind each intervention (eg. deepening emotional responses during events that bring out change)
Video tapes with interventions
Exercises – participants respond to the therapeutic scenes they’ve watched and apply the specific interventions in role plays
Key changes within the second stage of EFT – links with attachment lens and detailed explanation
Therapeutic passages illustrating each change event producing emotional changes; participants then respond to what they have viwed and apply techniques

Day 4

Ending stage II: pursuer softening and how to become an EFT therapist; Video tapes; Discussion regarding viewed materials and correspondence to current cases of attending therapist see; Difficulties encountered by the participants; Role plays; Discussion regarding the differences of the model, but its interconnections to other therapeutic approaches in couples therapy; Stage III: Consolidation and attachment wounds; The 7 steps in forgiving attachment wounds; Video tapes illustrating each of the steps; Participants respond to viewed material; Closing arguments, questions and answers

Course price

900 lei

For early birds (22nd of February)- 800 lei

Contact person

Dr. Simona Herb (e-mail contact@psiris.ro)


Send an e-mail to contact@centrulisis.ro or fill in the following form:  formularul de aici.

Accommodation can be arranged at Academia Evanghelica Transilvania at a price of 140 lei/ double room.