Emotionally Focused Therapy – Introductory Course – Iași

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How was centered therapy Emotions introductory course through the eyes of a participant:

“I just experienced a state of flux (state of complete absorption and fully engaged in the present moment, which is related to happiness) 9 hours !!, ie how long experience both wonderful introduction to EFT. Why wonderful? Because it’s when complex theories you are given simple and clear (signs that were understood), when the atmosphere is hot, human, relaxing, when you see the immediate usefulness, personal and professional what you learn when you access module working professionals! I received a precious gift and for that I thank Simona Herb and Irina Rusu and all who were present.

P.S. I feel like when you read the first chapter of a book and you say wow, sure is a great book !!

Once again, congratulations and thanks! “– Beatrice M.

terapia centrata pe emotii