Hold me tight® – personal development for couples(with therapists Bucharest)

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Date(s) - 10/02/2018 - 11/02/2018
12:00 am

Golden Tulip Victoria



We ensure confidentiality outside and inside the group – exercises will be implemented separately by each couple and will be shared within the big group only upon desire.

Do you think it is time to improve your couple relation? 
Would you like that you understand better your partner, but also to make yourself understood? 
Would you like to feel accepted in the couple and have less conflicts? 

What it is all about ?

Centered on the theory and practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy, Hold Me Tight ® is a program that was originally developed in Canada by Dr. Susan Johnson (as such, Hold Me Tight® is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson). Emotionally Focused Therapy represents a complete new science of relationships and romantic love. This therapy helps 7 out of 10 couples that go through difficulties to rebuild their relationship.

The workshop introduces and facilitates the experience of the best techniques used to explore the emotional world that gest activated when we relate to the ones we love.

Here are the layers where you will see IMPROVEMENTS:

  • physical health, especially your immune system and the health of your heart
  • you will be less vulnerable to depression or anxiety
  • you will be more open towards our life-partner
  • you become better parents by teaching our children a positive way to manage their emotions and connect with others
  • you become stronger and more confident
  • you will accept inherent separations with less suffering

The whole program lasts 15 hours that will be divided in modules, during the 2 days of workshop. Each module shall facilitate learning about:

  • Understanding love and attachment – the purpose of this module is to sketch a model of romantic love and relationship.
  • How can love take a wrong turn: the demons of communication – we will highlight the way we enter negative circularities of fighting, conflict, non-productive dialogues.
  • Find hot spots in the dialogue demons – we will find out what are the pivotal moments and indicators that emerge when partners enter into conflict.

The completion of the first 3 modules results in the elimination of tension in the relationship and prepares the couple for a new type of communication that builds and strengthens the emotional bond.

  • Correcting mistakes and creating a secure base: going back to a difficult moment – in this module we will go deeper into the experience of every individual and every couple to observe or “dance” in difficult moments.
  • Becoming open and sensitive towards the other – in this module we will enter the very vulnerable state of expressing the attachment wounds (we will analyze a personal experience of a fear of being left or rejected).
  • Forgiving and regaining trust – the purpose of this module is the process of forgiveness.
  • Tender touch and sexual synchronization – fights, conflicts and misunderstandings in daily life usually reflect in the “sexual dance” of the partners.
  • Maintaining love and preoccupation for the relationship – “love is like a foreign language, if you don’t practice, you start forgetting it”

At the end of the program, we will discover new ways of taking care of the relationship, of keeping it alive once it’s healed, of protecting it. The satisfying couple relationship is our source of energy.

About the trainer

Dr. Simona HERB is the first and sole Romanian EFT accredit trainer, as well as therapist and supervisor within the same approach – Emotionally Focused Therapy.

„I have found myself and my mission in psychotherapy, a profession I have trained for and that I currently follow. I am trained as a systemic couple and family psychotherapist. It is a specialization that fits qualities that define me: empathy, communication, tolerance and love for the humankind. I then specialized in USA in emotionally focused therapy under the supervision of extraordinary Dr. Sue Johnson”, EFT psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer in traing  Simona HERB.

Price: 400 RON/cuplu
Enroll at contact@psiris.ro