EFIT … or all about the magic of corrective emotional experiences

EFIT grup

For the first time ever in Romania, Lorrie Brubacher, Certified with the International Centre for Excellence in EFT as therapist, supervisor and trainer, invited by Psiris Center, has shared with us, during the last 4 days, the interventions and techniques that are specific to the Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals (EFIT). Extending Dr. Sue Johnson’s model of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, the 2- days training was designed around one major question:

  • How can we create corrective emotional experiences, in individual therapy, to shape safety and security with others and within self

Permanently varying the live demos with role plays and videotaped sessions, the course has has a highly practical style, that has finally allowed trainees to know how to:

  1. use the attachment lens in order to reframe the client’s problem in terms of basic, universal needs;
  2. determine the emotional regulations patterns, the ones specific to different attachment styles;
  3. track the negative cycles , both the internal and the interpersonal ones, that maintain the client’s presenting problem;
  4. heighten and access the primary emotion, using its incredible power to then revise the internal working models regarding the self and the others;
  5. choreograph new, corrective emotional experiences that can in turn transform the negative models into safe internal and interpersonal bonds.

In a climate of safety, comfort and camaraderie, part of the trainees have allowed themselves to be vulnerable, enjoying the “magic” that Lorries created and thus entering into the exploration of deeper emotions – none of us will forget too soon the warm sensation that we felt while witnessing new, corrective emotional expericences. For all the gifts that she has offered us these days, as well for what we are left with to take with us and/ in our practice, especially THE HOPE that even in the slightest probable contexts, we can offer safety to our clients, WE ALL THANK LORRIE! We will be waiting for her to enchant us with her magic other times as well!