EFIT … or all about the magic of corrective emotional experiences

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For the first time ever in Romania, Lorrie Brubacher, Certified with the International Centre for Excellence in EFT as therapist, supervisor and trainer, invited by Psiris Center, has shared with us, during the last 4 days, the interventions and techniques that are specific to the Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals (EFIT). Extending Dr. Sue Johnson’s model of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, the 2- days training was designed around one major question: How can we create corrective emotional experiences, in individual therapy, to shape safety and security with others and wit...

We’ve made it – the Romanian EFT community is on the map!

ICEEFT- affiliated organization Dear all, It is our greatest pleasure and honor to find our community officially announced by the 32nd issue of the EFT Community News. Together with Simona's accreditation as a trainer in training, these two news, end of 2016, place a great future ahead of us starting 2017 ! Now that we are on the map, it is up to us to keep the community alive and growing ! A whole package of events is already negotiated and planned for the first part of the year, offering the chance for new colleagues to join the processes of training into EFT and for some of us ...

Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy – first time in Romania

Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy: Extending an Attachment-Based Model to Therapy with Individuals For the first time in Romania, Lorrie Brubacher, Certified with the International Centre for Excellence in EFT as therapist, supervisor and trainer, invited by Psiris Center, arrives to introduce the intervention and techniques of Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT). In addition to her marriage and family therapy experience, Lorrie is a counsellor educator, having taught in Canada at the University of Winnipeg, the University of Manitoba and the University of British Columbia. I...

Exclusive live webinar – Susan Johnson

Dear friends of EFT, Spend an hour and a half with Dr. Sue Johnson, the renowned founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples.   Join us for a special EFT Romanian community meeting with an exclusive live webinar, where Sue will discuss with Simona and share her thoughts on EFT and attachment theory, and how to use EFT with Escalated Couples. There will also be time for her to answer some of your EFT questions.   We now know, in theory, what a secure, satisfying partnership looks like and how to help couples get there. But in practice, the road to lasting and felt connection in couples...

Good news for me, good news for us all!

FIRST ROMANIAN EFT TRAINER IN TRAINING Dear followers of this page, we interrupt the lunch break to share with you a great, great news that e are happy to have just received by email and that goes like this: „Hi all, It is my pleasure to introduce you to Simona Herb from Romania who is our newest EFT TRAINER IN TRAINING!!! Simona has worked hard to bring hundreds of therapists to EFT in Romania through organizing trainings, giving workshops, supervising therapists and translating EFT training materials. She is an empathic and engaged therapist and a warm and open young woman, and I am s...

Sex and Attachment coming together

As promised before even go want to share the experience I lived at the "Sex and Attachment coming together" held in New York on 13-14 of June. As the name suggests it is about sex ... and attachment forming a whole together and not treated specially. I learned that one without the others too can or when the force he could become some experiences cold and distant. After passing the impression made by taxi ride in New York and treated with due respect for buildings that pierce the sky, I began conference. There was no place freely, the audience was made up of people from 18 countries to liste...

We have officially joined the ICEEFT community

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This week ends with great joy for all of us!  Simona HERB has received the official recognition as Emotionally focused therapist, thus joining the ICEEFT community. „On behalf of ICEEFT and together with Rebecca Jorgensen, we are excited to congratulate Simona Herb, PhD, as a Certified EFT Therapist. CONGRATS Simona! Simona really gets EFT. She got it through dedicated hard work and pioneering efforts. Simona travelled to the US from Romania many times to complete EFT trainings.  Simona was not only dedicated to her dream of becoming Certified, but also to introduce EFT to Romania...

About Emotionally Focused Therapy (video)

"With EFT we understand the mechanism love that, to this therapy, represent a mystery and, understanding this mechanism, fail to support my customers to mold their responses emotional that you give the couple or they offer loved ones so that it can maintain bonds of love fulfilling and long-lasting. " - Simona HERB Coordinator EFT